Booking Policies

We do ALL of our booking via email.  Include links to your myspace, website etc.  Email us at here.

We generally won't commit to a show more than a month out.  Shows on Mondays and Thursdays will always be early shows ending before our normally formatted nights, without exception.  More often than not, this will also be the case on the other nights except for Fridays.

If we confirm a show, we will include the specific details of it (times, pay, etc) via email.  Please post the date as soon as confirmed and begin promoting.  Do not play another show anywhere in Tallahassee 10 days before or 10 days after a show booked at the bar.  Regardless of day, date and time, if you confirm to play a show at the bar we consider this an agreement that you will do everything in your power to bring out as many people to see you as possible.

Stage times are approximate and subject to change. The order posted on websites and flyers may or may not be the order of the lineup of your show. Set lengths are also subject to change. 

Once a show is confirmed, please do not cancel it.  Arrive at the time you are given for load-in.  If you arrive early please find something to do other than beat down the door or trash the parking lot, and return exactly at the given load-in time.  Arriving late jeopardizes your playing the show.

Often we ask bands (especially those on tour together) to share guitar cabinets. Please be prepared to cooperate.  We also have a house bass cabinet (ampeg 4x10) we suggest you take advantage of. This is an appropriate cabinet for stage volume and will save considerable space on stage.

Inform us of all your needs at load-in (direct boxes, vocal mics, ipod hook up for cool intro, etc). Last minute requests may not be honored.

The sound system at the bar is about five times what is necessary - an Allen & Heath board, 10,000 watts of power, EV speakers and great acoustics  can provide an outstanding sounding show. An excessive stage volume will ruin it.  Bands with good tone and in tune can still be loud, but compensating for lack of either with volume is a bad idea.

We have shure beta 87, 58, 57 and sennheiser 855, 835 mics for vocals and instruments, and full mics for drums including two kick mics. We have about 10 D.I. Boxes and the board has phantom power.  All drum mics are gated. All vocals compressed. Two separate effect units are utilized - typically delay and reverb. If using our mics, cables and stands, we expect you to treat them with care. Bands are responsible for what they damage.

We run our own sound and lights exclusively... if you are bringing a sound guy with you, it is likely he will have the night off.

We have a wireless broadband network at the bar.  We can usually record your set in mp3 format.

There are several places to eat within walking distance (including vegan) and there is a nice but inexpensive ($60) hotel right across the street.